Playing with patterns and shapes spotted from my studio window.
Cut paper and digital collage.

Window display created for Deptford X Festival. “Celebrating Studios” was a homage to the studios varied workspaces and it’s community of artists.
Paper stencils, acrylic paint.

Paper stencil from window interior, stenciled illustration from exterior.

Mural proposal for Lewisham Music, developed into a digital illustration.
Cut paper and digital collage.

Digital illustration developed from sketches of dancers for Lewisham Music.
Cut paper and digital collage.

Self portrait for promotional material. Cut paper & digital collage.

Project: “Places and Dreams”, participatory illustration applied as mural onto community bench.
Client: Luton Council & Flying Start

The bench was the culmination of a series of language development workshops led by A Children’s Story. All elements of the design were developed from a drawing or verbal expression from participating children.

“Places and Dreams” is a Luton Council & Flying Start project funded by the Department for Education Early Outcomes Fund.
Specifically designed to develop communication skills in early years children and to promote communication between children and between children and their families, children are able to recognise themselves and their ideas in the artworks, creating a sense of pride in them and their families; improving civic pride and community participation.

Collage based design, applied using paper stencils and weatherproof paints.

Illustration of a display of vegetables included in a local veg bag scheme.
Collage with painted papers.
Exploring abstract shapes in a limited colour palette

Private commission of rockpools and seaweed on Tynemouth Beach, Newcastle.
Illustration in response to the subject of plastic fragments on British beaches
Exploring female forms and confidence using abstracted geometric shapes
Illustration celebrating features of my local allotment
Exploring abstraction of flora and fauna
Illustration in response to local scenery in East London

Illustration of a Victorian “dwarf wall” greenhouse
Autumnal figure study

Illustration of a sculpture by Henry Moore at the Tate Britain
Illustration exploring abstract plant forms and layering using stencils and collage
Illustration of Frida Kahlo based on Nickolas Muray’s photo “Pink/Green Blouse”
Illustration of birds in the fountains at Hyde Park